Assessment & Accreditation

How am I assessed on the course?

You are assessed continuously in different ways:


  • Teaching

Your teaching is assessed at least every second day at 20 minute, 40 minute and one hour intervals. Your tutor observes the class and completes a detailed feedback sheet whilst doing so. The tutor also gives you one of three possible grades for each assessed taught class; not to standard, to standard, above standard. There will also be key points of things you did well and three to four key areas of development to work on for the next lesson.

Once you have finished teaching, you will immediately write a self-evaluation of your own class which is then submitted to Cambridge along with the tutor’s report.

In addition, we have a meeting every day in which you reflect on your lesson and your colleagues and tutor give you constructive criticism, and so that verbal feedback along with the written feedback means that you constantly know how you are doing.


  • Written Assignments

Of the four written assignments, two are to be written to an Academic standard and all need to have a bibliography and to be referenced correctly.

It is often the case that written assignments have to be re-submitted. This may be because of the content, or perhaps because the English used is not quite to standard and sometimes it might be because of both. In this scenario, the assignment is given back to you with clear, written comments from the tutor specifying which sections or problematic areas need to be addressed.

There is one opportunity to resubmit and all assignments simply carry a Pass or Fail grade.


  • Professionalism and Attitude

We know that a learning curve can be a difficult incline to some whilst others just seem to forge ahead. Everyone develops at different rates and the ones who are the most successful are those who work steadily, helpfully and faithfully with their 5 other teaching group team-mates. This means supporting each other physically and mentally, being a true team player, reacting positively to the teaching feedback you receive, fully participating in methodology sessions and taking responsibility for your own development. After all, these are the qualities that recruiting schools look for, so let’s start now.

This information is gathered and filed away into your official Cambridge CELTA portfolio on a daily basis and checked during tutorials and key review points to ensure the administration of your course is being handled professionally and to standard.


  • What are the final grades?

The entire continuous assessment process of teaching practice, written assignments and attitude and professionalism is reviewed at two tutorials at key stage points of the course before being rolled up into a final grade awarded by the Cambridge tutor and verified by the external Cambridge Assessor.

The possible grades are as follows; Standard Pass, Pass B, Pass A and in exceptional circumstances a Below Standard grade resulting in a Fail or Trainee Withdrawal. This is worth mentioning as although it does not occur frequently (an approximate 10% of candidates globally), it can happen on occasion and it is worth noting that in this situation, all monies paid are non-refundable as the participant has attended the course.

Of the remaining 90% who pass, the standard pass is the most common result for all candidates, a B pass is achieved by an approximate 30% of candidates worldwide and an A pass does exist although this is only achieved by around 10% of CELTA candidates globally.

We explain this upfront as we like to set clear and realistic expectations so trainees do not put themselves under undue pressure.

Therefore, finishing the course on a standard pass is industry standard and acceptable to all schools, academies and centres you may find yourself applying to.


  • Reports and References

The Monday after you finish the course, you are able to pick up a full report and reference indicating what your trainers predict your final grade will be pending official agreement from Cambridge. Below the grade is an Academic Reference written by your trainers and on the back is a breakdown of your grades against the Cambridge criteria.

This report is accepted across the industry as a reference and as a document evidencing your grade and work done on the CELTA while you are waiting for your official certificate to arrive. So don´t worry, you won´t leave us empty handed and you will be able to start applying for teaching jobs right away!


  • Certificates and Portfolios 


As the final grades have to be verified by the external Cambridge assessor and then printed and authenticated by Cambridge University, your certificates arrive between 6-8 weeks after the course ends. If you will not be around to collect your certificate when it arrives, you can leave us a self-addressed envelope and we can send it on to you for a fee.


After all the hard work you have put into creating your lesson plans and materials, it is little wonder that many candidates do want to be able to keep it as a memento and also to be able to recycle or adapt those lessons for future classes. As Cambridge have the right to request your portfolio for up to six months after the course ends, we unfortunately cannot let you leave with it. However, again, we can send it on to you for a fee once the six months is up.