When do the CELTA courses run?

We run several courses every year and so for 2021 our dates are:

Full time courses 2021 (4 weeks) 
  • February 1st – February 26th ( 100% online – 1200 € )
  • April 5th – April 30th ( 100% online – 1200 € )
  • July 5th – July 30th ( 100% online – 1200 € )
  • August 2nd – August 27th ( 100% online – 1200 € )
  • October 4th – October 29th ( 100% online – 1200 € )
Part time courses 2021 (12 weeks)
  • March 13th – June 5th ( 100% online – 1200 € )
  • September 25th – December 18th ( 100% online – 1200 € )[/otw_shortcode_content_toggle]

*  When we can return to face to face courses, the price will be our standard fee of 1.530 €.

If you are interested in receiving more information about the CELTA, why not contact us by submitting the form on our website:



Deposit and Payment Methods

You start by paying a deposit of 400 euros so that you can have access to the pre-course task which must be completed and handed in on Day 1 of the course. Please note that this deposit is non-refundable. After that the outstanding amount will be paid into our account one month before the course start date.

If you are a last-minute applicant to the course, then the full amount of 1,200 euros (for a limited period of time only) will be paid by a specified date arranged between yourself and our Director, Fran Devaney.

*The Irish Academy reserves the right to suspend a CELTA course up to seven days before it´s scheduled start date, if there are insufficient students for us to run the course effectively. In the unlikely event of this happening full refunds will be given to all students concerned.



Bank loans

As times are hard, it’s not unusual to want to take out a loan to set you on the right path. If you are looking to borrow and are from Spain or the Canaries, we have an agreement with a local bank which offers continued study loans (the CELTA is a recognised form of continuous study) at low interest rates and with repayment plans over a reasonable period of time. Again, have a chat with our Director, Fran to discuss the details and to get some help and advice on applying for this directly with the bank.


Grants and Government Assistance

Finally, if you are already working in the Canaries for a privately owned school, Academy, language centre, training company or any other type of company, you may be eligible for assistance from La Fundación Tripartito. This group was founded by the social security here and gives companies a non-accumulative annual credit that they can use to fund training. The size of this credit is determined by the number of employees within the company and their level of education. Should you be supported in doing the CELTA by your current employers and are eligible for some form of assistance, then your organisation would apply for the funding for you.

In this case, the procedure is that your organisation would pay us and then the amount they have paid is deducted from their next social security payment.

Please also see the ‘cursos para empleados’ section of our website where there is a more detailed explanation in Spanish.