“I had a wonderful time and it was a great learning experience. The tutors and administrative staff were very helpful. The Irish Academy in
Las Palmas is a great place for the CELTA course to be held.
Students were also very receptive and organization of the course was

M. Santana, CELTA student, 07 Nov 2014. November course 2013.

Manu came to us with over ten years’ experience as an English teacher at The American School in Las Palmas teaching in Primary and High School. He is now studying for a Masters in Social Sciences with ULPGC and hopes to adopt aspects of the CELTA teaching methodology in his future career as a Social Sciences Teacher once he graduates.

“The Celta course was a great experience for both professional and personal development. The tutors were excellent and I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has little or no teaching experience.“

J. Colwill, CELTA student, 22 Oct 2014. August course 2014.

Jerry moved to Gran Canaria and within a month of being here, he started the CELTA course at The Irish Academy. He came to us without any teaching experience but with an open mind and excellent work ethic. He completed the CELTA and within two weeks began working a 25 hour teaching week with an Academy in Las Palmas.

“It was a rewarding experience for me. I would do the course over and over again as I learnt how to become a more fruitful and efficient teacher. I strongly recommend this course to everyone as it is an amazing experience which will help you to see your personal and professional growth as well as the hidden capacities that you have to become a successful teacher.“

J. Dominguez, CELTA student, 22 Oct 2014. November course 2013.

Judith had just finished her Masters in Education at ULPGC when she decided to do the CELTA with us. She had an interview for a teaching position in Istanbul set up for the Monday after the course ended but finally decided to take a post in Madrid where she has now been promoted to a Coordinator’s role.

‘I had read a lot about the CELTA before being accepted on to the course in August, however I had no idea that I would receive the kind of support and investment of time which tutors provided us with at the Irish Academy. The course itself was very hard but hugely rewarding and the standard to which we were taught was exceptionally high. The progress that everyone made throughout the month was amazing and I had no idea it was possible to learn so much over such a short period of time! As CELTA teachers we were well looked after, supported and constantly encouraged to keep going. A great experience which I highly recommend!’

Holly Dawson, August course 2014.

olly had been teaching infants and young learners in Las Palmas and really wanted to add teaching adults to her skillset. After doing the course, Holly started working full-time the very next week, teaching a combination of adult and young learner classes with us at The Irish Academy!

‘I could not be happier with my decision to attend The Irish Academy to complete the CELTA training course. I had originally considered going to mainland Spain for the month, and I can’t help but laugh at that thought now. The IA is large enough that you have everything you need at your disposal, but just small enough that you get an amazing amount of support that you couldn’t get elsewhere. Yvonne Dagan is an amazing instructor and inspired me beyond words. The tutors and staff were incredibly knowledgeable and encouraging. The course wasn’t easy, but it was rewarding and by far one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. Thanks to The Irish Academy I can walk away with confidence in my new career as a teacher. If you are going to get your CELTA, why not get it somewhere where you feel at home right away? You are sure to be in good hands with this school and I highly recommend it.’

Layla Martin, August course 2014.

Layla came to us without having had any prior teaching experience. She was interviewed and offered a job teaching infants before she had even finished the course and is now working for us teaching a combination of adult and extra-curricular Primary classes at a local school in Arehucas in conjunction with the Irish Academy.

‘I can only recommend the Irish Academy! During the month of August, which I spent doing the CELTA course, the Irish Academy practically became my home – the relaxed atmosphere, the friendly management and the very professional tutors made it an unforgettable experience! I am happy and proud about the fact that Las Palmas houses such a high level institution and hope that many others will take advantage of the opportunity to do some very useful studying in this great place! And a few months later, great to see that the hard work has paid off and there are jobs to get! All in all, very rewarding and I would not have been without it!’

E. Nielsen, CELTA student, 16 Oct 2014. August course 2014.

Else decided to change her career and train to become a teacher. Within two weeks of completing the course, Else was hired on a full-time contract with a local Academy and is enjoying her new-found profession!

‘Taking part in the Celta course was a challenge and an unforgettable experience. Both the tutors and the staff at The Irish Academy are extremely professional and help you in every way possible to learn new teaching techniques and better yourself both professionally and emotionally. I really enjoyed doing the Celta course and would recommend it to anyone who would like to either better their classroom techniques or enter the world of teaching. The students were a fantastic group and participated enthusiastically in every class.’

Jenny Hardiman, November course 2013.

Jenny was an experienced teacher and had worked on the island for a number of years before deciding to do the course. Two months after finishing, she secured a full-time contract with a private secondary school in Las Palmas.

‘Wow! What an experience probably the most challenging thing I have undertaken to date, yet one of the most rewarding. Looking back, the course was a very valuable and fun learning experience. At the time I found it very stressful and challenging, however with the support of both the tutors and pupils I was able to complete the course and now have a CELTA qualification to take with me wherever I choose to lay my hat ???? The tutors and all those involved at the Academy offered all of the support and materials required to complete the course and gave me extra encouragement when I needed it. I also made some very good friends fellow peers and students who I continue to keep in contact with. I would recommend the Irish Academy as I love the learning environment; it had a lovely laidback vibe and the course was held in what I consider to be a beautiful building in a great part of town. I didn’t think I would say this but now looking to further my studies and it’s all in thanks to The Irish Academy. “

Louise Martland, November course 2013.

Louise currently works as an emergency telephone operator with the police force in Liverpool, England. Looking ahead to the future, she decided to do the CELTA so that when she decides to make her much dreamed-of move abroad, she will have the CELTA and an alternative profession, firmly placed in her back pocket and ready to be put to good use! As a regular visitor to the island, she often pops in and gives classes at The Irish Academy to keep her hand in.

‘I had never heard about The Irish Academy until I started to look for a reasonably priced place, preferably in the sun, offering four-week CELTA courses. And here it was, probably the best deal (and location) in the whole of Spain. And so, on the last day of the last year, I sent an email enquiry about the course… and got an immediate response. To make the long story short, I had my skype interview on 17 January, and started the course exactly two months later. Now I don’t want to scare you but the CELTA course here was one of the toughest experiences in my life. Yes I knew it is an intensive course. Perhaps I did not know what “intensive” means. The last time I was under such stress was about 30 years ago in my university days. I am writing this, therefore, I have survived. I am so glad that I didn’t do much research beforehand, otherwise I could well have decided that I am too old for a solid month of 8 days a week hard work and sleep deprivation. Needless to say, I did not see much of the beach during the course. But now it’s all over and I have no regrets. The teachers and the administration were very nice and helpful and my colleagues (that is, the other CELTA candidates) were simply fantastic. Apart from CELTA, the Academy offers a variety of language courses (Spanish, English, French, German and Chinese), none of which I tried, although I do believe that they are more relaxed than CELTA. The Academy is conveniently located, a few minutes’ walk from San Telmo and Triana, and good food and drink is never far away. All in all, great experience and new friends. You can’t wish for more.’

Kirill Degtyarenko, March course 2014..

Kirill has a Doctorate in Biological Sciences, has lectured in Biochemistry and is also a Zumba teacher. Having moved from Russia to England and then to Finland and looking for a further move to Spain, Kirill decided to do the CELTA course to add another bow to his string. He has now settled in Santander and is working as an English Teaching Assistant.

Kirill Degtyarenko, March course 2014..

Kirill has a Doctorate in Biological Sciences, has lectured in Biochemistry and is also a Zumba teacher. Having moved from Russia to England and then to Finland and looking for a further move to Spain, Kirill decided to do the CELTA course to add another bow to his string. He has now settled in Santander and is working as an English Teaching Assistant.

R. Moreno, CELTA student, 17 Oct 2014.

Rosalía did the CELTA course whilst working on her Masters to become a Spanish teacher. Having successfully finished the Masters now, she is currently looking for work abroad and is keen to start applying the CELTA methodology to Spanish and English Language Teaching.

“I loved my time studying the CELTA course at The Irish Academy, the tutors, staff and class mates were friendly and great fun. I learnt a huge amount in a short time and will remember the experience with fond memories. I worked hard but had great fun and laughed so much I cried. The school is located in a lovely quiet Spanish road near the centre of town with everything you need at your fingertips. It was a warm and friendly environment in which to learn. I loved the diversity of the island with its beautiful beaches, mountains, Spanish food and culture adding that something extra special to my experience.”

D. Wright, CELTA student, 18 Oct 2014. March course 2014.

Darren took a break from his career as a social worker in London to come out to Las Palmas to do the course. Having worked in social work for years, Darren is planning to transition into the teaching profession and had planned ahead so that when the right time comes to do so, he has his teaching qualification already in the bag.

“The course was amazing. I have learnt a great number of useful tools for my classes. It has completely changed my mind. I enjoyed the process of studying, cooperating with peers and communicating with tutors.”

E. Shalobaeva, CELTA student, 17 Oct 2014. March course 2014.

Kate was already working as a teacher and language centre administrator when she decided to do come to Las Palmas to become CELTA qualified. Having successfully completed the CELTA in April, she then went on to do her CELTYL Young Learner Extension in Barcelona and is now back working in Russia as an English Language Teacher.

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