How to apply

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Step 1: Contact us for an Informal Chat

First of all, complete the contact form on the website:


We will get back to you within 48 hours. We like to have an initial chat with you in person, on the phone or on Skype before sending out the formal application process.

Step 2: Application and Pre-interview Task

You will then receive a three-page application form asking you about you, your educational and work background, whether you have had any teaching experience (not necessary by the way so if you don’t have any, just write ‘None’ in these sections and asking you for two character, work or educational referees. You will also be asked to submit a personal statement detailing why you would like to do the CELTA. Then, attached to the application form is a pre-interview task with 6 sections to be completed in full.


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Sections 1-5 are assessing your knowledge of language awareness: grammatical structures, their meaning and use and pronunciation. Here are some examples of the types of questions you might be asked:

I was living in Italy in 1998

Name the tense used here.

I’m going to do the CELTA.                                        I think I’ll do the CELTA.

What’s the difference in meaning between these two sentences?

photograph                      photographer                 photographic

Where would you place the stress (emphasised syllable) in each of these words?

sometimes         although           however            and  

Which of these words is the odd one out and why?

Sure, it’s a little challenging but it’s not too difficult. The biggest challenge is sitting yourself down and making yourself start to think and work your way through the tasks. You are also allowed to use the internet or any grammar books you need to in order to complete it. It’s really more a test of your resourcefulness in being able to find the answers if you don’t already have them and how you would then explain the concepts to your students.

To finish off then, Section 6 is a short handwritten assignment about teaching and you can choose one of four topics. Again, feel free to do a little background reading although some people like to just write down what thy already think and feel. The most important thing here is that this should be written to a high standard of Academic English, as you will have to complete four 750 – 1,000 words written assignments whilst on the course, two of which must also be to an Academic standard.

Once you’ve completed everything, scan your handwritten assignment and send it back into us with the application form, personal statement and pre-interview task.


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As this is an exciting time for you, we like to get back to you quickly. As such, we respond back to all applications within 48 hours of receiving them and the interviews are then arranged to be held within the next 48 hour period.

Interviews are either done via Skype or face to face at the centre. We will ask you a bit about yourself, talk through the pre-interview task and ask a few probing questions about the language points you’ve prepared and then we will give you three teaching scenarios and ask you to explain how you would teach them efficiently and effectively. You may also be asked to do a short on-the-spot writing task to help us to assess your academic English further. You can then as us anything you need to know about the
course and we have a chat about what the course is really like.


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 Finding out if you have been acceptedLife is too short to be sitting around worrying or thinking about whether your application is good enough or not, how you’re going to pay for the course or what studying you think you’ll need to do beforehand. So we try to take the anxiety out of it all by responding to you quickly and honestly and with detailed pointers of what we think you could swot up on before the course begins.

You’ll either be told at the interview itself or within 24 hours of the interview. This is always followed up by a formal email of acceptance from the CELTA trainer conducting the interview and then with an email from the Director, detailing how you to pay the deposit.

So… from the minute you press send on your application email, you will have had your application reviewed, been interviewed and then informed whether you have been successful or not within 5 working days.


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As every candidate is unique and is assessed on their own merits and capabilities there is no hard and fast rule regarding the cut-off point for applications on each course. If you have only just discovered the course or your circumstances have only just recently changed then please do apply as we do welcome late applicants, providing there are spaces available.

The decision as to whether to accept you on the next course does depend upon on a number of factors. Every accepted candidate must complete quite a weighty Pre-Course Task which has been designed by Cambridge to ensure that trainees have done as much preparation, research and background reading as is possible before the course commences. This work has to be handed in on Day One of the course to evidence that the preparation has in fact been done to the best of the candidates´ ability.

As a result, last minute candidates are also assessed on the basis that they will be able to complete this work thoroughly in whatever time remains and this will largely depend upon their own resourcefulness, ability to learn under pressure and development areas as identified from the application process.