Life after CELTA

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Directly after finishing the course, you are entitled to one year´s free membership to the Cambridge English Teacher Online Professional Development website where you can access a free grammar and language awareness course to consolidate after the CELTA and can choose one other course for free from a range of teaching contexts such as Teaching Young Learners, Teens, Exam classes or focussing more on Speaking skills. This site also keeps you up to date with regular webinars and bulletins which are very useful once you are teaching a range of classes.

Once you become CELTA accredited, you will also be able to apply to do further young learner training on the CELTYL which is a two week course building on the CELTA methodology but for younger learners.

And after a few years out in the field post-CELTA, some of you may wish to continue developing in your new profession and may wish to embark upon the DELTA which is a Masters equivalent Diploma in English Language Teaching but with the all-important eight week face to face teaching component.


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