Thinking about doing our DELTA?

Thinking about doing our DELTA Module 2?

What is DELTA Module 2 100% Online?

It is a 100% asynchronous online course on This module focuses on the theory and practice of English language teaching, and it aims to develop your awareness and expertise in this field in a range of contexts.

Course content:

Language Systems/Skills Assignments (LSAs):

  • 2 Language Systems Assignments (2000-2500-word essays and lessons)
  • 2 Language Skills Assignments (2000-2500-word essays and lessons)

Professional Development Assignment (PDA):

  • Part A: Reflection and Action with 1 diagnostic lesson (2000-2500-word essay)
  • Part B: Experimental Practice (2000-2500-word essay)

Course overview and contexts:

  1. The language learner and the language learning context
  2. Preparation for teaching English language learners
  3. Evaluating, selecting and using resources and materials for teaching purposes
  4. Managing and supporting learning
  5. Evaluation of lesson preparation and teaching
  6. Observation/Evaluation of other teachers’ lessons
  7. Professionalism and opportunities for professional development